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1-Day Fundraisers

Not every fundraiser requires all the planning be done months in advance. There are many easy fundraisers that can help to generate funds in as little as one day. Many of them can even be put into action on short notice.

  • Host a community yard sale in the parking lot of your school. Sell “spaces” to vendors and consider selling concessions to help boost your profits.
  • Host a bake sale with contest you can sell tickets for. The winners receives a small percentage of the proceeds. Sell all the baked goods.
  • Hold a gaming tournament and charge a small entry fee. This can be card games such as Magic, board games (chess, checkers), or video games.
  • Sell carnations or candy grams on or near Valentine’s Day (can be customized for many holidays).
  • Sponsor fundraising days at local restaurants.
  • Offer a gift wrapping service during the holiday season and collect tips.
  • Work the concession stand at your school during athletic events for a portion of the proceeds.
  • Hold a car wash. Sometimes thousands of dollars can be earned in a single weekend with this fundraiser.

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Ongoing Fundraisers

These small fundraisers can be held occassionally throughout the school year. The small fundraisers can add up considerably.

  • Sell candy or homemade baked goods during lunch breaks or extracurricular activities if allowed at your school.
  • Write donation letters to local businesses.
  • Consider asking local businesses to invite customers to round up their bill to the nearest dollar, with the difference going to your group.
  • Sponsor a competitive coin drive at school. Every penny adds points to the jar and silver coins subtract points. Even teams ending up with negative points are sure to have collected a lot of cash!
  • Post about your upcoming trip on Facebook and invite your Facebook friends to donate

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Special Events

Some fundraisers such as these require a considerable amount of planning in advance. But, they have the potential to earn some groups $10,000 or more!

  • Host and Sell tickets to a “Battle of the Bands” or talent show.
  • Host a Dance-a-Thon where students form teams and must dance for 24 hours.
  • Plan a school dance or carnival and sell tickets and refreshments.
  • Organize a drive-through spaghetti dinner or barbeque dinner. Sell meals to busy parents on their way home from work.
  • Sell meals at school before evening events (like PTA meetings) for parents that didn’t have time to get dinner beforehand.
  • Ask local businesses to donate items and host a silent auction. Serve dinner to raise even more funds.

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Creative Fundraisers

Virtually every school will have multiple groups that hold multiple fundraisers throughout the year. Don’t be discouraged! You can certainly find a creative fundraiser that hasn’t been done yet at your school.

  • Sponsor a Flamingo Flocking: community members can pay to have a pink flamingo stuck in a friend or foe’s front yard, and recipients can pay to have it moved.
  • Organize a dodgeball tournament and charge participants an entry fee.
  • Sponsor a “Rock-a-Thon.” Students collect pledges to rock in a rocking chair during a lock-in or after-school event.
  • Contact the community relations office of a nearby national sports team and ask if they will sell you a block of seats at a discounted rate. Sell the tickets to your school at face value and have a fun “night at the game” spirit event.
  • Ask teachers to participate in a good-natured “Teacher Fun” day where they volunteer to do fun stunts, like color their hair or wear pajamas to school, and students pay for each vote for the stunt they want most to see.

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Direct Sales

Several programs have been successful in selling many of these products:

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For Music and/or Dance Groups

The talent of your organization can help to open up even more fundraising opportunities! Consider trying one of these fundraisers to showcase your group’s abilities to the community and generate support for your program.

  • Ask a restaurant to donate a portion of their profits on the night of your concert; then encourage students’ families to go for dinner before the concert or grab dessert after!
  • Sell advertising space in your concert program to parents and local businesses.
  • Sell tickets to a special holiday concert featuring dinner or refreshments.
  • Sponsor “Singing Valentines” in February to students at your school.
  • Host a karaoke night for friends and family and charge an entrance fee or sell refreshments.
  • Host a benefit concert and invite current students, school alumni, and community members to perform.
  • Host your own “American Idol” or “Dancing with the Teacher” contest!

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Tips for Travel: How to Pack LIGHT!

There’s nothing worse than overpacking for a trip and having to lug a large suitcase all over the place. So, KEEP IT LIGHT! Here are some tips to help you do just that!

  • Smaller suitcases are key. Find the size suitcase you think you need and than start with one smaller than that.
  • Lay out everything you’re planning to take with you on your trip. Then get rid of a third of it.
  • Plan ahead for that extra space on the return for souvenirs. Take an extra duffel or tote that you can carry on if needed.
  • Look at your itinerary and pack only what you need for each day.
  • Plan to wear everything twice. You can still have a ‘new outfit’ every day if you match your clothes right.
  • You do NOT need more than two pairs of shoes. One for walking and one for dress.
  • Roll your clothes – they end up with less wrinkles and take up far less space.
  • Don’t pack bulky sweaters or jackets for cool climates, just dress in layers.

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Travel Insurance

Catastrophic events on a local or global scale are never something we expect to encounter when we’re traveling. These types of events are typically the least of our concern. But, they can happen and they can cause all kinds of havoc with group trips. That is why we at Music Travel and Tours always recommend and encourage our groups to greatly consider travel insurance or, more specifically, “Cancel For Any Reason” travel insurance. With this type of travel insurance, you can cancel up to 48 hours before you had planned to leave and are protected to as much as 75% or your total cost.

“Cancel For Any Reason” travel insurance will cover the costs for cancelling due to catastrophic events, illness, job losses, lost passports, and more!

We, of course, at Music Travel and Tours never want you to need to cancel an event. But, should it be necessary, the cancellation is far more disappointing when you’ve lost your entire investment. That kind of loss of time and energy can be absolutely devastating.

Absolute certainty and control is unfortunately never possible for any trip no matter how well planned. So, please consider talking to one of the knowledgeable staff at Music Travel and Tours to find out what type of travel insurance is best for you. We also suggest you consider presenting all members of your group options for travel insurance. If you choose not to obtain travel insurance as a group, it is important for your individual participants to be aware of the decision.

Contact Us now to find out more!

Music Travel and Tours currently recommends Allianz Travel Insurance for your travel insurance needs.

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